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My Little Pony Game Will Delight Your Little Loved Ones

If you’re looking for a way to offer your kids with a fun way to spend their time while also gaining social or math skills along the way, then the my little pony game is exactly what you were looking for. Let your child embark on exciting adventures with his pony friends, gather supplies and find hidden treasures.

Welcome to Ponyville

If your children are familiar with the My little pony series from Hasbro, then they will surely love this pony game. Despite the fact that this game is rates for kids of 4 years and up, this doesn’t mean that older children or even grownups won’t enjoy it.

One of the great things about this game is the fact that most of the story and dialogues are read out loud, which means that small children who can’t read won’t be missing a thing from this wonderful game. The game itself unfolds like a story book. Children will be introduced into this world by having to complete a tutorial which guides them through the basics of this world. The tutorial is great not only because it is read out loud, but also because it helps children learn what they need in order to be able to find their own way into the game. The reading will pop up here and there later on, especially when gaining new levels or new items.

As your child plays through the world, the game will be adding new characters, shops and houses. Your kid will have the pony friends to control and guide them through many adventures, or he will be able to put them to work, to collect resources and other valuables. Your child also has the possibility to work on the town and to add houses and shops, growing the economy and helping the pony characters become stronger, which will help them in the battle against the bad guys.

Benefiting from the educative aspects of the game

Besides the main quests and town building, your child can also engage in other activities such as mini games. Most mini games imply controlling the pony to catch as many falling apples as he can without getting any rotten apples, or to play tossing the ball with other pony friends. The game also features a book that once clicked will offer ponies with specific missions that will help them level up faster, or to gain more coins and gems in the process.

Leveling up in the game can be done by completing quests or by performing various other tasks. The great thing about leveling up is the fact that the higher the level, the more fun things can be done. Also, coin gain and other rewards are much better at higher levels.


My little pony is an attractive game that will surely please little children and not only. With many things to do, your little one won’t have the time to get bored. Besides guiding his pony friends throughout interesting adventures, your child will also learn about friendship while also picking up math skills along the way. So if you want to provide your child with a fun and educative experience, then My little pony is a great way to do it.