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Pony Games – Delighting Your Children And Providing Them With Wonderful Experiences

When it comes to offering your child with a fun and educating experience, what better choice is there besides pony games? With many lovable pony friends, a plethora of missions to complete and a colorful world, these games will be the perfect friend for your little ones, providing them with joy and excitement while also teaching them math basics or organizational skills.

Introducing the lovable pony friends

Inspired by Hasbro’s television series, My Little Pony games bring to the PC and mobile phones alike the playful and happy world of ponies, where children can engage in various activities such as completing missions, collecting treasures and harvesting food.

The game allows children to control several pony friends and go about in the world to engage in quests and to defeat the villains. Unlike in the TV series, ponies have the ability to fly, which provides with an interesting approach to completing several tasks. While learning to properly master the art of flight might take some time, children can have plenty of fun on their journeys. The controls might be a bit difficult to figure out at first, but with a bit of support, children should be able to have a lot of fun while getting their friends all across the screen, in a race to catch the most apples or to go through a series of obstacles.

Educating your children and teaching them math

While these games have a great fun factor and are intended to provide your kids with a wonderful time while joining their pony friends in their adventures, children can also learn many useful things. There are many math lessons that can greatly benefit children, and they range from being basic introductory steps to advanced, which may require support if children are to grasp concepts such as probability.

The educative tasks and the math lessons are numerous, offering your children with the opportunity to gain math skills such as percentage and probability, which will aid them in saving the magical pony world. The math problems easily fit into the plot, which is well written and complex, and as the story advances, so do the skill levels increase.

The values of friendship

Besides improving their math and gaining skills, children can also benefit from the numerous positive messages present throughout the games, promoting things such as the importance of friendship, kindness and acceptance. Children also have the opportunity to follow positive role models, as most ponies in the games are an example of friendship and kindness, and they all treat their friends with respect, working alongside them in order to solve the numerous problems that abound the pony world.

These games will appeal to kids who are familiar with the My little pony franchise, and not only, as the colorful world and energetic pony friends will put a smile on children’s faces on any day. With a plethora of missions to engage in, a lot of leveling up ahead and many skills to gather along the way, these games will offer a wonderful time to your little loved ones while also educating them about the values of friendship and kindness.