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My Little Pony Games – Providing Enjoyment to Children And Adults Alike

My little pony games have been around for quite a while, bringing joy and excitement to children and adults. Inspired by the television series with the same name and developed by Hasbro Studios, these games allow children to play one of their beloved heroes from the TV series such as Twilight Sparkle or Applejack, engaging in various adventures and solving puzzles and riddles along the way.

Providing children with fun and excitement, and meeting beloved pony friends

The excessive happiness that is present throughout the games is contagious, and there are many grownups that enjoy playing them alongside their children. The games are addictive, and they not only provide children with a fun time, but they also engage them in educative tasks where they learn things such as statistics, probability and others which are needed in order to perform various tasks and puzzles.

A plethora of tasks and missions to complete

These free to play games can easily get anyone addicted. There are plenty of missions and objectives to complete, making it pass to the other quest almost an obsession. Children either have to surprise one of their pony friends with a party, catch a bad guy and recover some artifacts, or harvest cherries and apples.There is a large enough plot of land which allows you to build various buildings such as shops, decorate them and use currencies to trade items and goods. There are also numerous pony characters you can choose from and go on an adventure you won’t forget.

Among the pony stars from the television series, we have the pleasure to meet Twilight Sparkle, Applebloom and Applejack. The character voices are amazing, and they fit very well in the actual plots, which are complex despite the style of the game.

What else is there to do?

In order to succeed in the games, you have to put your pony friends to work in order to gather resources and currency so that they become stronger and defeat the bad guys in the end. Pony characters also have a plethora of quests and missions to choose from, and upon completion they earn gold coins or other valuables such as gems. If you want to earn more gold from completing missions, you have to level up as much as you can, which can be achieved by succeeding in several mini games. Typical mini games require you to keep a ball in the air, or to guide your pony across the screen so as to catch the most apples in a set amount of time. The more your ponies level up, the better the jobs they can work on, and the more valuable the rewards.

The visuals of the game are of good quality, and they stay true to the ones from the television series. The pony world is overflowing with vivid colors and playful characters, providing not only children, but also adults who don’t mind just having a great time helping their pony friends to complete missions and to win the day. These great games will be enjoyed and loved by little girls or adults who still have some play in them.